Smooth Collie Temperament and Lifespan

Till nowadays, the breed was characterized by the strong shepherd instinct. In everyday life it is reflected in the fact that the dog is trying to keep an eye on its "flock" - family members, since its puppyhood. If the "flock" for some reason breaks - for example, people were together, and they need to go in different directions - Smooth Collie may run back and forth for some time between them or lay circles. There are no other manifestations of herding instinct in Smooth Collie - they do not seek anyone to bite the legs. Now slowly interest in the sport grazing is growing, it is possible to test the presence of herding instinct on real sheep, and our breed here shows excellent results.

With Smooth Collie you can be engaged in many kinds of training and sports agility, frisbee, circus training, obedience, towing runner / skier / cyclist search service and many others. The life expectancy of the breed is about 12-15 years.

How Much Does a Smooth Collie Cost and Price Range

The price for Smooth Collie varies from $350 to $700. You can find the lower or the higher price depending on the breeder and the place where you are going to buy your dog. The dog quality influences its price as well as the show quality and the breed quality dogs cost more than pet quality.

Smooth Collie Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Smooth Collie looks great. Good anatomy is the key to a harmonious, strong, beautiful movements. Puppies of Smooth Collie of 2-2.5 months look very much like an adult dog.

Adult females have a height of 51-56 cm, males - 56-61cm, the weight is about 18-23 for females and 25-30 kg for males.

As long-haired collie, Smooth Collie has three colors: tri-color (black and tan dog with white markings), marble (blue-gray dog with black spots on the body, white markings and tan), sable (red varying degrees of saturation with white markings ).

Smooth Collie Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Smooth Collie is different from their long-haired relatives with the emotional and lively temperament. They are more mobile and sociable. The representatives of the breed have a high intelligence and devotion to the master. They are docile and accommodating.

Smooth Collie is well trained, even a beginner will manage to train them. These pets are like children. But they treat strangers with suspicion and apprehension.

The breed is not recommended for people who are always busy. Smooth Collie needs a lot of attention and communication. Without it, the dogs behavior becomes worse and they can behave bad.

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