Halogen Floor Lamps: Basic Information

Tungsten-halogen technology overcomes the traditionally used incandescent lighting not only in energy efficiency but also in the ability to get the light focused. Even though fluorescent lighting is less energy efficient than halogen bulbs, they prove to be rather efficient at accentuating their light in a definite direction. It has become possible due to the parabolic aluminized reflector with which the bulb is equipped. It is able to redirect light that was previously scattered in an undesired direction. In this way, halogen lights are just perfect for galleries, museums and gardens where it's necessary to showcase specific items through spotlighting. By the way, halogen lights can be also used for reading.

The most suitable type of these lamps is halogen floor lamps that prove to be very efficient as reading lights. These lights can be used as spotlights - not as primary sources of light for some room. Initially, halogen lamps used to direct their light onto the ceiling only. This ceiling had to have only white color to be able to reflect that light and fill the room with it. Due to the fact that this process is very inefficient, the lights should be more powerful than another rather specialized lamp. By the way, this application carelessly consumes the ability of halogen lamps to focus light accurately in a tight beam. These lamps can be used in rooms with light color or white ceilings without any texture only.

Halogen lights are extremely durable - they will serve you 2,000-3,500 hours. Besides, they offer a rather crisp white light that doesn't irritate human eyes. Another advantage of halogen floor lamps is that they don't fade in the course of time like incandescent lights. These are probably main reasons why halogen headlights have become extremely popular during the last several years.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that halogen floor lamps are much more affordable than they used to be some ten years ago. So, these lamps have become the perfect lighting option for rooms of different designs. In this way, you can apply halogen lighting for reading, while fluorescent floor lamps can be used to light up the whole room. The latter ones are undoubtedly more energy efficient. So, enjoy your hobby with the halogen lamp for spotlighting text in a book and use the fluorescent lamp for getting primary lighting. At the same time, the incandescent light can be considered completely obsolete.

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