Did You Know that Catholic Schools Can Be A Blessed Alternative to the Conventional Public Schools?

At seminary and catholic schools your kids will be safe from the influence of pagan religions, which are nowadays widely taught at most of public schools

It might be yet not quite a public knowledge but, as it happens, the current fashionable trends and ideas of multiculturalism studies have become quite widely spread among the teaching programs of the modern public schools. At the first sight there is nothing wrong with that, source miracle bamboo pillow. One can pose a natural question: what kind of harm can be inflicted on our children's minds and souls if they get familiar with such concepts of multiculturalism studies as environmental propaganda, and Save-the-Earth classes, or, as it often happens, with concepts of New-Age religious beliefs. The truth is that nowadays the religion in schools is taught very often without parents' knowledge. The parents are not even asked to give their consent as far as the contents of the teaching programs are concerned. As it happens very often, the teaching programs of multiculturalism studies indoctrinate our kids with openly pagan beliefs and attitudes. The ideas of New Age thinking are presented in disguise, as if they were innocent lambs, but in truth they sneak in as rapacious wolves. Believe it or not, but nowadays in classrooms all over the country the Judeo-Christian beliefs are subject to severe criticism and even very often are ridiculed. The obvious conclusion is that parents who are concerned with what kind of religion is taught in schools to their children, or, probably would like to have their children to be brought up in the context of the traditional Western Christian fate and principles should beware of the multiculturalism studies, which can easily indoctrinate kids' minds with offensive concepts of pagan or new-age religions. It is high time to look for safe alternatives for public schools, such as seminary schools and catholic schools!

Is the Threat of Pagan Religion Taught at Public Schools Really So "Real"?

See for yourself:

Some parents have already taken the necessary measures to protect their children from harmful religion propagated at some schools. For instance, in January, 2003, in Sacramento, a group of angry and resolute parents filed a lawsuit against a Sacramento Unified School District. The matter was that the parents had discovered several cases of propagation of aggressively anti-Christian religious concepts among the pupils. As the parents were able to discover, certain teachers at their local elementary school were covertly spreading the anthroposophy ideas among their students. The Anthroposophy is one of the many anti-Christian religious teachings. It incorporates, mainly, the religious concepts of traditional Western religion with ideas of astrology and New Age teachings. As far as the law suit was concerned the parents were represented by the Pacific lawyers of Justice Institute. The lawyers who were responsible for this lawsuit have presented to the court numerous evidences that irrevocably and unconditionally proved that many other public schools in California have knowingly added teaching of New Age and Eastern religions, such as Islam and others, to their educational programs.

The problem of New Age and Pagan religious indoctrination of Christian kids can be successfully solved by sending your kids to one of reputable accredited seminar or catholic schools. Those educational establishments provide for perfect upbringing of your kids in the spirit of traditional Western Christian religion, whether related to catholic or other denominations.

There is no time to be lost, start thinking about the correct education of your children right now! As an evidence for the necessity to take some kind of actions, we present a short but comprehensive list of modern so-called multicultural concepts presented to the students at a vast number of so called "spiritual" sessions, which were taking place in classrooms throughout the whole nation! This material was taken from Berit Kjos's book, "Brave New Schools", which is devoted to the problem of mental and spiritual pollution taking place at our present-day public schools.

Concept 1. Students are trained in techniques aimed at gaining so called "altered states of consciousness". This kind of "spiritual" teaching includes such consciousness altering methods as centering exercises, guided imagery, meditation and visualizations. The techniques which allow entering different states of consciousness very often involve "contacts with guiding spirits", and this kind of experience is broadly encouraged! It has become a very trendy standard feature that is practiced at the majority of present-day self-esteem, multicultural, and arts programs.

Concept 2. Another technique is closely connected with dreams and visions. The students are presented this or that kind of anti-Christian pagan myth. Afterwards the students are given an assignment to independently conduct a "meditational" session, trying to visualize the incorporated dream or a vision with the utmost clarity and involvement. All the student's impressions and experiences should be documented in a journal or presented in the form of a lesson assignment.

Concept 3. Probably the most popular anti-Christian trend of the present days is the immersion into Astrology. The countless teachers make a wide use not only of the traditional Western horoscopes but eagerly employ imagery and methods of Aztec and Chinese calendars and horoscopes. All over the nation the students of public schools are taught to compose and make use of daily horoscopes, documenting their experiences and reporting them to their instructors. Very often the astrology teaching programs go much beyond the daily usage, luring the kids with promises to help them discover their hidden powers and personalities through the horoscopes and astrological know-how of different pagan cultures.

Concept 4. The students are taught and encouraged to use all possible methods of divination and fortune-telling, such as palmistry, I Ching fortunetelling, tarot cards and horoscopes fortunetelling and many others. Under the pretence of learning the multicultural spectrum of other cultures, different from the Western Christian tradition, the kids are promised to be connected to some mysterious and secret sources of "ancient wisdom". For instance√° in one public school in Texas it was revealed that at the sessions of multicultural studies the students were required to use " their best soothsayer tones" in order to describe in details a vision of pagan nature and origin that they had to "create in their minds".

Concept 5. One of the most harmful and dangerous antichristian concepts is the concept of Spiritism (also referred to as table-lifting). The harm inflicted by the practical applications of Spiritism in the classrooms consisted in the fact that knowledge about pagan myths and crafts very often becomes for a student a kind of a guide-book, showing how establish actual contacts with spirits of nature, ancestry and so on. But actual Spiritism leads to actual performance of the spirits invocation. For instance the students of the thirds grade in one of California public schools were taught the methods to achieve states of guided imagery consciousness in order to experience the invocation of what they were told to be their "personal animal spirits" and then write down essays, describing in details their experience . . . Some of them even used the image of their "spiritual friend, assistant and guide" to develop their own magical medicine protective shields!

Concept 6. The multicultural studies often involved prolonged excursions into the realms of magic, spells, and sorcery! A lot of people do not even suspect that their kids are invited to learn the ancient formulas and occult techniques and that is happening all over the nations, from coast to coast! They consider it a kind of bizarre joke, a prank. Meanwhile the kids are more and more involved into anti-Christian practices of magic and spell-casting.

The reasonably-minded parents should have long ago awoken to the fact of pagan practices and outright sorcery practiced by their children, who are taught all this stuff directly in public schools. And the dark irony is that the Ten Commandments become more and more often prohibited from being taught at those schools, as they used to be just a couple of decades ago! This is the high time to think about giving preference to seminary or catholic schools to prevent the kids' minds from pagan spiritual pollution!

If you got worried about the above-described problem we highly recommend you to read "Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children" written by Joel Turtel, an education policy analyst.

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